Digital marketing activities are fundamental for the success of your brand and the effectiveness of corporate communication.

E.L.B.A. has developed a series of methodologies designed to boost your online popularity, relying on knowledge and creativity. Thanks to a specific strategy for each client, it assists its clients by identifying the most suitable contents in order to increase the value of products and services and to establish a solid company image.

Thanks to its international network, company websites and social newtorks are rich with constant updates and news on developing trends and the cognitive value of products.

During the years, E.L.B.A. has developed a particular specialization in the agribusiness sector, creating a network of professionals in the field like journalists, gourmets and opinion leaders.

Thanks to its methodology, E.L.B.A. guarantees your company presence online will grow due to the definition of all the phases in a shared web marketing strategic plan.

E.L.B.A. develops a web marketing plan which it shares with the client in order to explain all the necessary stages and bring him success.


Creation of contents in the form of texts and multimedia


Design and creation of websites / e-commerce sites


Browser positioning


Social media management


Web-mailing and newsletters


International web marketing


Contents scouting and management, SEO, Main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter), Marketing Campaigns, Web-mailing.